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Lassad MAJOUL, Ing.

Certified Real Estate Broker

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4405 Av. Isabella


$2,850 / month

  • Bedrooms3
  • Bathroom1
88 Rue Charlotte

Ville-Marie (Central)

$1,900 / month

  • Bedrooms2
  • Bathroom1

Opération Enfant Soleil

Since 1988, RE/MAX supports Opération Enfant Soleil, a nonprofit organisation raises money to help sick children in the province. Since the beginning of this collaboration, it's $ 20 million that RE/MAX has raised to support the development of quality pediatric care for all children in Quebec.

Not only are RE/MAX brokers effective, they are also generous. Year after year, they are investing in the well-being of thousands of children.

Opération Enfant Soleil

Tranquilli-T program

Treat yourself to the Tranquilli-T peace of mind from RE/MAX, thanks to our unique and exclusive protection.

The purchase or sale of a property is a major event. Your RE/MAX broker knows this, and he is working in your best interest to make your dreams come true. This is also why RE/MAX offers you exclusive protection: Tranquilli-T. A triple protection: Delays and withdrawal, death and legal assistance .

The Tranquilli-T Program is guaranteed peace of mind!

Tranquilli-T program